Hidden Hitch Class I Hitch & Accessories

Every accessory available in the market offers a favorable purpose for the benefit of the vehicles performance. Putting this idea in thought makes it easy for you to choose the right type of add on you'd want for your automotive. If you're one that uses his car a lot on towing, then the wisest choice of aftermarket add on that you should have is a trailer hitch installed at the rear of your vehicle. A hitch is a mechanism mounted to the rear of your auto under its bumper specifically used for towing purposes.

Hitches coming from the Hidden Hitch brand are known for its quality that people came to love. In Hidden Hitch's product line, they offer hitches in classes of five to six different types all depending on the amount of weight you need for your towing services. Class I Hitches of Hidden Hitch is used for weights rating up to 2000lbs. gross trailer weight and a maximum trailer tongue weight of 200lbs. You'll be able to know this by consulting your car's owner manual on vehicle rating. It is recommended that you also include in a drawbar and a hitch ball of the same rating for better performance.

This hitch can be attached on the vehicles trunk pan, bumper or onto the vehicle's frame, whichever the automotive requires. Parts Train has all of Hidden Hitch's hitch classes. For your Hidden Hitch Class I Hitch need, browse around Parts Train's catalog and match the type of hitch on the car make, model and year of your automotive to find the exact fit for your automobile. Our online catalog aids you in locating even hard to find part replacements fast and easy. Complete your automotive parts with Hidden Hitch products from us. Visit Parts Train on your next part replacement need.