Hidden Hitch Class IV Hitch & Accessories

Pick up trucks are often used for hauling heavy loads and they are mostly chosen for this basic purpose. Not only that, pick up trucks and larger vehicles works great on towing other vehicles and trailer supports. This is where accessories such as hitches and other add ons become very handy. For those that are already exposed in this kind of job, and are requiring a tougher hitch for the work, then you probably are looking for a Hidden Hitch Class IV Hitch.

Hidden Hitch has a number of classifications that focuses on the amount of weight one towing requires. For loads weighing 2000lbs, Class I is what you should use. Class II has a maximum weight of up to 3500lbs. For Class III, a maximum of 6000 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. can be towed. Hidden Hitch's Class IV hitch is not so different from its Class III classification. This hitch is also available in a weight carrying and weight distributing option depending on the type of vehicle being used and the specification of the hitch itself. However, the class IV hitch has a higher maximum weight tolerance of up to 10,000 lbs. gross trailer weight, 1000 lbs. for the weight carrying types and a maximum gross trailer weight of 14,000 lbs., 1400 lbs. for the weight distributing hitches of this class.

Parts Train offers this Hidden Hitch Class IV hitch series widely in our stock and is guaranteed to give you maximum towing satisfaction. Remember to include in the ball mount and hitch ball in your purchase because this is required for the installation on the weight carrying type of this Class. For additional information, consult your vehicle's manual to know more about the vehicles rating before finding the exact matching hitch for your automotive. Visit us on your next part replacement need.