Hidden Hitch Class II Hitch & Accessories

If you are the type of person who uses his auto on carrying loads behind his pick up truck, like towing stuffs and all that most of the time, then you're probably best left with a world class renowned towing hitch quality make. The best type of hitches that can be installed at the rear bumper of your automotive comes mostly from Hidden Hitch. This brand has made its mark for their towing products satisfaction guaranteed features. Their hitch products are sorted into different classes depending on the weight requirement of your towing conditions.

In other words, the higher the weight needed for towing, the higher the class type of hitch that you'll need for your automotive. Class II Hitch of Hidden Hitch is used and recommended for hauling loads weighing 35000lbs. gross trailer weight, having a maximum trailer tongue weight of 300lbs. Just like the rest of their product lineups, this class of hitches requires a drawbar and a ball hitch with it with the same or probably higher rating. After adding this type of hitch on your vehicle, you can plan about putting on more accessories that would be helpful on your towing capabilities.

For now, it is better to obtain the hitch first before anything else. Hidden Hitch Class II Hitches are available here at Parts Train, where we are known to offer only the best quality parts known in the industry. Simply browse around and specify the type of vehicle, make, model and year to match the exact type of hitch that your car would require to avail the best output expected. Conveniently shop in our 24-hour online store to avail of the great deals offered and complete your upgrades, maintenance, and part replacement needs. Contact our customer service personnel for your questions, queries and clarifications.