Hidden Hitch Class III Hitch & Accessories

For vehicles that are exposed for a lot of towing circumstances, a probable accessory that would benefit the idea greatly would be adding on a hitch on the automotive. This is a mechanical device attached at the rear bumper of an automotive used for hauling loads from behind the pick up truck or automotive. Hidden Hitch offers a classification for the types of hitches needed for a given amount of weight. Classes I & II ranges from loads weighing 2000 to 3500lbs., for masses heavier than that, then what you'll need are Hidden Hitch Class III hitches.

Class III hitches can be both weight carrying and weight distributing hitches depending on the hitch and the vehicles specification. This class of hitch though only carries up to a maximum 60000lbs. gross trailer weight with 600lbs. tongue weight for hitches that are weight carrying. The weight distributing hitch of this class can haul up to a maximum gross trailer weight of 10,000lbs., and a trailer tongue weight of 1000lbs. A ball mount and hitch ball is required for its performance and should have the same rating or for better results, higher than the required rating. Unlike the first two classes of hitches, the class III hitch only attaches to the vehicles frame alone. For more information, make sure that you'll consult the vehicles manual.

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