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Pickup truck beds are designed to handle heavy loads, but that doesn't mean they're impervious to damage and wear. Over time, constant shuffling of different types of cargo will lead to the truck bed having dents, dings, and scratches. That's why you need a reliable bed liner to serve as a layer of protection for the bed. Where bed liners are concerned, you won't go wrong with Herculiner.

You can't ask for anything less out of a do-it-yourself truck bed liner. Each Herculiner product is tough, inexpensive, and easy to install. With a polyurethane coating mixed in with rubber granules, this brand's bed rails get a durable textured finish that will allow them to last for a long time and resist the bumps and impact they get from all sorts of stuff you're planning on putting onto the truck bed. They are resistant to gasoline, chemical, and solvent damage and won't flake, peel, or chip away. Additionally, the bed liner will bond on practically any surface, as long as you make sure to clean it and make it dry.

For installation, all you'll need is a roller or a brush or a spray compressor to apply a Herculiner bed liner. Each bed liner kit conveniently comes with a brush and a couple of rollers, so there's no need to look for those. After application, just wait for a day for the bed liner to finish its curing process, then you can load your cargo! These bed liners aren't restricted to one boring color, too. You can satisfy your aesthetic preferences by choosing which among red, white, gray, and black best suits your ride's overall look.

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