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Engines are like us, too. They won't be able to function well if their temperature gets too hot. For optimal engine operating temperatures, you'll need a fully-functional engine cooling system-from the radiator to the water pump. If your car has a busted pump, why not get a replacement made by Hepu? The brand's pumps are made for high flow rate so your cooling system gets an ample supply of coolant.

You can rely on Hepu water pumps to provide high coolant flow even under different driving conditions. Whether you're stationary or pulling your best Fast & Furious impression, expect these pumps to deliver coolant consistently and without any interruptions. Each pump comes with reliable seals and protection against corrosion. You'll enjoy efficient performance thanks to total pressure resistance, which also helps prevent overheating while reducing harmful emissions and improving the overall fuel efficiency of your vehicle. What's more, with a reliable water pump to help make the cooling system perform at peak levels, your engine components will be able to last longer, saving you the trouble and expense of replacing engine parts.

Aside from premium-grade water pumps and water pump kits, Hepu also produces coolant and a variety of other components under the IPD brand; this includes belt tensioners, timing belt kits, crank pulleys, bearings, and boots. With over 40 years of experience and accumulated technical know-how, it's easy to see why the company gets such a high demand for its products. Additionally, precision engineering and processing helps ensure accurate dimensions and high quality.

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