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Filters are the blue-collar workers under the hood of your vehicle, doing the dirty work to make sure that your vehicle always has a clean supply of various fluids and substances. Of course, they do clog up over time, so you'll be replacing them constantly over the lifespan of your vehicle. One brand that comes to mind when it comes to trusted automotive filters is Hengst, so you might want to take the company's products into consideration when you need fresh filters.

Hengst started out way back in 1958, and it has continued to grow into what it is now: among the world's leaders in terms of automotive filter system manufacturing. With a complete range of air, fuel, oil and cabin filter systems included in its product line, the company services a broad number of applications in a variety of industries. With in-depth development combining with 5 decades' worth of experience and ISO-certified manufacturing facilities, consumers are treated to only topnotch quality and the highest level of reliability.

The company isn't limited to the production of filter systems. Hengst also makes fluid management systems, crankcase ventilation components, and cylinder head covers custom-built for a wide range of engine manufacturers. Each product has been developed and designed fully using CAD programs, made using modern infrastructure, and then put through a battery of tests that ensures each part delivers proper performance and long service life.

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