Hella Car Parts & Accessories

Modern cars require greater light output with increasing restrictions on weight and space because of their safety features and low drag coefficients. To meet these requirements, new light systems and optical systems had to be developed. Hella had been setting milestones in electronics/electric technology and lighting technology since 1899 for driving comfort and active safety. Expert project management and a detailed knowledge in the automotive industry has made Hella remained as the major lighting supplier of automobiles for nearly over a century now. Tougher and globalized competition has not prevented Hella from making a success in the automotive industry. As a proof of this, Hella has been acclaimed as one of the 100 largest industrial companies.

The core business fields of Hella are the lights, electronics as well as aftermarket parts and supplies for the automotive industry. Greater comfort, improved designs, and greater driving safety are being developed by Hella as a leading manufacturer of light and production technologies. Core competencies among the light division include signal lamps, headlamps, complete vehicle module as well as lighting systems. The electronics division features body electronics/vehicle electrical systems, lighting electronics, air conditioning electronics, power management, software products as well as sensor technology. Aftermarket products include auxiliary lighting, emergency lighting, work lamps, accessories, signal lamps, automotive globes and test and tune equipment.

All Hella products are built and developed using state of the art technology and are used on some of the most sophisticated modern cars in the world like Honda, BMW, Ford, Toyota, and Mitsubishi to name a few. Top quality products are the result of a manufacturing plant equipped with polycarbonate lens molding, injection molding machines, hot oil stamping, lacquering facilities, automatic painting, thermostat molding machines, and a lot more modern facilities.

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