Hedman Car Parts & Accessories

For over 50 years, Hedman has led the performance industry as a premier manufacturer of h-pipes, headers, exhaust tips, as well as the world's greatest selection of racing headers, street headers and exhaust systems. Hedman was the member of the research team, along with the other industry leaders that developed the original Chevy Small Block's very first aftermarket exhaust system. This had made Hedman contribute greatly to the exhaust technology advancement in the automotive industry. Not only that, Hedman also pioneered the application of advanced aerospace technology to headers, known as the metallic-ceramic coating. This coating is presently known as HTC or Hi-tech coating, and is still the most excellent thermal coating for your headers.

Quality products are the reason behind the success of Hedman despite its 50 years in the automotive industry. Clean, strong welds, high quality materials, and smooth flowing primary tubes are only a few of the reasons why Hedman are considered as one of the world's best exhaust header manufacturer. You can get the best of both worlds by having your vehicle in its optimum performance while enjoying the stylish designs made by Hedman. They are easy to install and everything you need to make the installation is included in its complete kit.

Hedman offers a wide range of headers, exhaust systems and auto accessories whatever your vehicle make, be it Acura, American Motors, BMW, Buick, Chevrolet, Dodge and Plymouth, Eagle, Ford, Honda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Toyota. Some of the most popular header applications are available for race trucks, drag racing, sprint car, street and strip, and upright pulling. Exhaust systems include crossover kits, catalytic converter and mufflers, equalizer kits, cut outs, h-pipes, y-pipes, and equalizer kits. It also manufacturers auto accessories like clamps, bracket, extensions, and a lot more.

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