HeadsUp Vinyl Repair Kit & Accessories

Your car's interior parts are made of different types of materials, and each one requires special care and attention to help maintain their quality. One of these materials is vinyl, which is used to make your dashboard, convertible tops, door panels, among other parts. And though it's not as fragile as the carpet and the upholstery, it can get damaged, too. Exposure to the sun's UV rays, tiny scratches, and frequent temperature change are just some of the reasons that cause vinyl to deteriorate. So if your vinyl components are starting to wear out, fix them with a HeadsUp vinyl repair kit right away.

With HeadsUp vinyl repair kits, you can easily patch up any damaged vinyl part of your vehicle. Burns, stains, holes, rips, and scratches are easily remedied with this product. How? All you need to do is apply it on the scratched or cracked component and it's done! What's even great about the HeadsUp vinyl repair kit is that despite patching up your damaged components, it ensures that it won't leave any traces that a repair job has just taken place. It's as if the damage wasn't even there at all!

And the best news is, every HeadsUp vinyl repair kit comes in different colors to help you match it up with your car's design. So no matter what color scheme your car has, this repair kit will get the job done. It's very easy to apply, too. It comes with detailed instructions, so you can't go wrong when using it. Plus, the product makes permanent repairs, so no need to apply it over and over—once is enough. Amazing, huh? Well, this kit contains everything you need to repair your vinyl parts—all you need to do is to get one, apply it on your car, and you're good to go.

Keeping your interior looking neat and presentable is easier and less expensive with a HeadsUp vinyl repair kit. So if any of your vinyl-made components is cracked, scratched, or ripped, patch them up right away with the HeadsUp vinyl repair kit and restore their good looks in no time. Order one from Parts Train today!