HeadsUp Interior Cover & Accessories

Bored with the way your vehicle's dashboard, visors, and speaker boxes look? Well, if they've been carrying the same color, design, and texture over the years, who wouldn't be? But instead of tearing them down and replacing each one with a brand-new version, why not cover them instead? It will help you save more and allow you to make further changes if you're not happy with the result. If that got you thinking, but you have no idea what product to get, why not head out and try the HeadsUp interior cover?

The HeadsUp interior cover is an accessory that jazzes up the look of your interior. Thanks to its carbon-like finish, this product gives your interior components such as door panels, dashes, speaker boxes, and visors a high-tech look. Aside from enhancing your car's interior, this product also helps you save a lot of money. How? Because it's cheaper to use compared to using woven carbon fiber. And not only that! Because it can be used to cover other items in your car, it's both versatile and easy on the pocket.

To help its interior covers enhance the look of your ride, HeadsUp used synthetic fabric to imitate the appearance of real carbon. And since these covers are bound to be exposed to spilled milk, water, dust, and other harmful elements, every HeadsUp interior cover is made from strong and flexible materials. It's also designed to match the specifications of most cars, which helps you avoid the hassles of making major adjustments just to use the product. All you need to do is to place the cover on your interior and it's good to go. And to give you more options, this HeadsUp product comes in a variety of colors. Currently, it's available in shades of dark grey, real black, Ferrari red, and Lamborghini yellow.

Remember, your car's exterior isn't the only one that needs to look good. And since it's where you stay when you use your car, your interior deserves great care as well. So if you're bent on updating its look, do it by covering your interior components with a HeadsUp interior cover. This item, along with other products from HeadsUp, is available right here. Just use our online catalog to place an order at Parts Train. Get one now!