HeadsUp Headliner & Accessories

Can you imagine your car's ceiling collapsing on top of you while driving? Sounds frightening, right? Well, while that idea may seem far-fetched, it could actually happen. And that ceiling that could put your life in danger (hmm, worst-case scenario)? Well, it's actually called the headliner. It's the interior panel that's placed under your vehicle's roof and pretty much what separates you from the metal roof of your vehicle. Now just like every other component, your headliner is bound to deteriorate over time. When that happens, the best thing for you to do is to replace it by getting a brand-new HeadsUp headliner.

Replacing your old and busted headliner with a HeadsUp headliner will enable you to perk up the interior of your car—and you know how this added comfort would make you want to drive more! But while the task may be a bit daunting, all you really have to do is to get rid of your old headliner and then set the new one in place. Now to keep it secure, you just have to apply some automotive adhesive, stick it into your vehicle's roof, and it's good to go. By replacing your old headliner, you'll even stop your ceiling from sagging, and ultimately, falling off. It also keeps the ceiling from hitting you smack on the face and disrupt your driving, which is as dangerous as it sounds!

To ensure that its headliner kits are capable of doing a good job, HeadsUp packed them with all the necessary components. Each one consists of one roll of headliner material and a pair of two dome light clips. The headliner material is cut to match the specifications of most vehicle makes and models, which eliminates the need for you to make any major adjustments, so you get to enjoy an easy and hassle-free installation. HeadsUp headliners come in different colors, too. This makes it easy to match the product with your interior's color scheme.

Don't wait until your car's headliner looks like it's a hundred years old. Before it starts to crumble and fall, replace it immediately with a brand-new HeadsUp headliner. With this product, you'll have a good-looking interior and a safe trip as well. Take one today through our online catalog only at Parts Train. Shop now!