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Your vehicle's clutch system is composed of different components that work as one to function efficiently. And one of this clutch system parts I the pressure plate. Structured with clutch plate, springs, covers, and release fingers, the clutch pressure plate is bolted into the flywheel with the clutch disc in between them. Classified into two types which are the diaphragm type and the spring type, the most common pressure plate being used by most of the vehicle owners nowadays is the diaphragm type.

As what the name implies, the work of the pressure plate on your vehicle's clutch system is to apply pressure into the clutch disc to have a faster transmission of torque that comes from the engine going into the transmission. If this particular contraption is coupled with the clutch disc and the flywheel, it then makes and brakes the free flow of power on the engine and the transmission. A good indication that your pressure plate is already damaged is when you encounter any of the clutch symptoms of defect like the clutch chatter which can be brought about by the leaking of oil from the engine into the clutch assembly, a poor flywheel surface, a sprung clutch disc hub, improper alignment between the engine and the transmission, and damaged pressure plate release levers. Consequently you may also experience dragging caused by pressure plate fingers and among others. Experiencing this clutch symptoms of defect should not be taken for granted but rather look for a good quality pressure plate like the Hayes pressure plate to replace your flawed pressure plate.

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