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Do you have any idea of the importance or how does really clutches work for your vehicle? Well, a clutch is an essential device on your vehicle's transmission that couples and decouples the engine into the drive train. It is the perfect mechanism that that transmits the torque that comes from the engine going into the transmission. However, to function well on its assigned task, clutch is aided by different clutch assembly parts like the clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing, and the flywheel.

Each of the clutch system components have their different functions to be portrayed but act as one in order for your vehicle's clutch system to do well for your vehicle's excellent transmission. As one of the essential clutch assembly parts, the flywheel is known to be as an inertia device which is typically bolted on your vehicle's engine crankshaft. In essence, the flywheel has three significant tasks to be performed. The first is that it is the one that hold the ring gear on which the starter uses to crank the engine. Second is that it is the one responsible in storing the energy to get your vehicle moving from rest. And the third one is that it is the one which provides friction surface in order for the clutch disc to be clumped on. With these important functions that the Flywheel performs, it is paramount to maintain it on its good condition all the time and be replaced as soon as it displays any sign of defect. One of the excellent brands of flywheel that you can get for your vehicle is the Hays flywheel. Known as an excellent maker of transmission parts and clutch system assembly parts, flywheel from Hayes will definitely help in providing your vehicle with a seamless transmission.

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