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Your vehicle's clutch assembly is the means by which your engine and the transmission form a connection in order for your vehicle to run. Clutch assembly is composed of different components in order to efficiently carry out its function. And among the most important clutch assembly parts is the clutch disc. Clutch disc is an essential clutch assembly component flanked between the flywheel and the pressure plate which is basically covered with frictional material. The center section of the clutch disc has been outfitted with a hub designed to perfectly fit into the input shaft's spines. As you step on the pedal, the clutch is automatically engaged and the clutch disc is firmly pressed against the flywheel and the pressure plate, thus conduction of engine power into the disc hub through the input shaft is excellently achieved. However, because of the fact that mechanical or hydraulic linkage operates the clutch, some of the other components that come in contact with it must be checked on a regular basis to ensure a seamless transmission while minimizing wear.

If ever you noticed that your vehicle's clutch disc is no longer in good condition to perform its task. You should let it be repaired or just opt for a new replacement if it cannot be repaired. Among the clutch disc brands in the auto parts market, hays is one of the most reputable that carries excellently designed and manufactured Hayes clutch disc for whatever vehicle make and model you have. To quickly have your needed Hayes clutch disc, you can place your orders here with us at Parts Train.

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