Hawk HPS Brake Pads & Accessories

Having a functional braking system is obviously better than rushing to crash on to a wall just to stop your vehicle, and I know you'd agree with me on this for noticeable reasons that you could imagine. To attain the performance expected from your braking system, the pads should be strong enough for its friction depth and must always be in good working condition. This is why it is advised that you change your brake pads whenever necessary. There are a variety of brake pads you can choose from depending on your style of driving, may it be sports related, street wise, and normal instances or heavy duty.

If you're only after replacing your original used brake pad with something more durable and could increase your brakes' stopping power with a lot more additional features, then Hawk HPS Brake Pads would work wonders with your automotive. These brake pads are high performance street disc brake pads known for giving a stopping power in street legal vehicles. Like all the other brake pads offered by Hawk, it is also made from Ferro-Carbon formula developed for street performance with the use of safety and quality Aerospace duty friction technology, and is said to provide you 20-40% increase on brake power. One of its main features too is being resistant to fade so this means better durability and lesser brake dust.

Parts Train offers you choices among all the best brake pads available in the market including this Hawk HPS Brake Pads that offers superior stopping power giving you high friction, noise free, extended pad life and works gentle on your rotors. For more of your auto needs, visit our comprehensive online catalog where you can find the widest, complete, and latest line of different auto equipments. We have also our 24-hour online shopping store with an accommodating customer service to assist you in case you want to do business with us.