Hawk Car Parts & Accessories

The brakes are one of the important components of your vehicle. There may be a need to stop quickly while you are driving at high speeds; that is why your brake system must have the ability to stop quickly to ensure your safety. One manufacturer of leading-edge brake friction technology has proved it everyday in heavy duty automotive applications. For over 16 years, Hawk had been successful in manufacturing high performance brake pads that had been widely used in motor sports. This is the reason why Hawk is one of the few brake pad manufacturers who could really live up to its promise, Race Proven-Street Legal

Hawk is not a company; it is a brand of top performance disc pads manufactured and owned by the world's leader in heavy duty friction products—Wellman products group. Every Hawk product manufactured has followed well-defined procedures to ensure maximum stopping power without noise, warped rotor, and excess dust issues. Looking for ultimate brake performance for your vehicle? Then choose Hawk. For years, they have been in the forefront of brake pad technologies because they have reached their main objective of providing a quality product that would meet customer requirements.

Brake pads are made from a variety of ingredients like resins, fillers, and metals. Make it a point to choose the proper brake compound that would provide the best performance for your vehicle. You are guaranteed that every Hawk product will fit the exact specifications of your vehicle. A complete Hawk product line is available at Parts Train, your reliable online source of auto and truck parts and accessories.

Browse our user-friendly online catalog to get an access to the complete line of Hawk products. They come in HPS or High Performance street brake pads made from Ferro carbon compound, Performance Ceramic that are specially formulated to meet the low noise and ultra-low dust performance, HP plus designed for autocross, Light Truck & SUV Compound (LTS) specially designed for full-sized trucks and SUV's with larger brake systems, and Super duty brake pads engineered for heavy-duty truck, SUV's and professional trucks towing heavy loads.