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No matter what you call it and no matter how you value it, we have to accept the very fact that our vehicle is a mere machine. And just like other machines, it has to be regularly inspected and well-maintained. A machine, particularly an automobile that's maintained well usually gets remarkable fuel economy and is safer to drive.

If you don't want your vehicle to leave you stranded, then you must do all your best to make it running smooth and strong. One of the excellent ways to keep your ride on the pavement is by giving it enough attention, regular maintenance and routine check ups. As a driver or a vehicle owner, you need to know the services and inspections that must be done to your vehicle within the year. There are simple checks and services that can be done by yourself and by simply following instructions from the owner's manual but there are also major problems that need to be serviced by a qualified mechanic.

If you fail to maintain your vehicle well, simple problems can go unnoticed but will apparently show up when the damage is already severe. Among the things that we shouldn't ignore in our vehicles are worn brake components, burned out lights, tired or damaged windshield wiper blades, defective spark plugs, dirty and clogged filters, rotten automotive hoses, corroded battery cables, worn or slipping belts, leaking shock absorbers, faulty CV boots, inefficient cooling system, worn tires and leaking muffler. When such problems occur, the best solution is to have them repaired immediately. If servicing cannot solve the problem, then you must resort to a safer solution – auto-part replacement.

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