Harken Hoister Car Parts & Accessories

Keeping the garage organized and free from clutter is a major challenge faced by most car owners. After all, you don't just keep your vehicle parked in the garage; you also store a whole lot of other things like bikes, tools, and accessories for your ride. To make more room, you'll need the help of Harken Hoister garage storage systems.

These Harken Hoister storage products are perfect for hanging up a variety of stuff, from tools to kayaks. That's right-kayaks. There are 1-point and 2-point bike utility lifts, along with 4-point systems that will allow you to hoist up heavier items like bikes and accessories such as the canopy of your truck or jeep. Small boats, including canoes and the aforementioned kayaks, can also be hung up using these hoister systems. You can also utilize the hoists to store wheelbarrows, ladders, and other tools you constantly use to work on your vehicle or your home. Mounting shelves using the hoisters is also possible. That's because some systems can lift up to 200 pounds thanks to heavy-duty mounting hardware and light ball bearing pulleys. And, using just one control rope, you can easily lower or raise the items you've hung up using the hoister.

The best thing about Harken Hoister systems is that they come with self-locking pulleys that grip the rope at a moment's notice. This way, even if you accidentally let go of the rope, you won't have to worry about the item your storing plummeting all the way to the ground or crashing on top of your ride. You also won't have to tie off the system after installation, saving you time and effort. Plus, you can install your new hoister system onto your garage's trusses or rafters. Just make sure they are lined up exactly where you plan on mounting the system.

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