Ground Force Leaf Spring & Accessories

The leaf spring or originally called as the laminated or the carriage spring is one of the most crucial component of your car especially of the suspension system. This leaf spring found in your car appears just like an ordinary type of spring that is commonly used for the suspension system of all vehicles on the road nowadays. This leaf spring like the Ground Force leaf spring is likewise considered as one of the oldest kinds of springs since it has been used from the earliest days of automobiles.

Aside from the term leaf spring, this device is also known by another name which may be more familiar to you. It is also referred to as the semi elliptical spring which takes the form of a very slender arc shaped length of a spring steel of a rectangular cross section of the cars suspension system. The center of the arc of the leaf spring provides a location for the axle of the car, while all the tie holes on it are located at either end for the purpose of linking to the body of your car. For all large vehicles the leaf spring on it can be made from several leaves stacked in several layers on top of each other. Without the help of this leaf spring, your car especially the suspension system will not do its given task properly especially when you're driving on the road.

Leaf spring for your car has wide variations. This leaf spring is mounted on the heart of the suspension system of your car to make sure that it will perform its crucial task. Installation of this leaf spring on your car is a very complicated thing to do and only expert auto mechanics will this task properly on your car. In order to preserve the excellent function of your car you must make sure that the leaf spring like the Ground Force leaf spring it has is properly taken cared of.