Great Neck Car Parts & Accessories

Ever been frustrated during some repair or routine maintenance tasks? Perhaps all you need to make your job easier is a reliable and handy tool that can help you out. Well, hand tools are what Great Neck specializes on, so if you're in the market for one, you might want to check this brand out.

The company started out around 1919, when Great Neck was still making saws in 10 designs. Now, the company manufactures over 3000 different hand tools. Hammers, wrenches, socket sets, brush sets, drive ratchets-the list goes on and on and on. The company banks on its extensive experience in the field of tool-making, and it shows in the utilitarian yet appealing design of each of the products with that giraffe logo on it. The tools themselves are made from premium materials such as chrome vanadium steel and brass, allowing for unparalleled tool action as well as providing the tools with durability and long-lasting protection against wear and tear.

Aside from providing DIY mechanics and professionals alike with some nifty hand tools that simply get the job done, Great Neck also has its customers' backs by offering a limited lifetime warranty with each product. The company calls it the Lifetime Tool Promise; to us, it means assurance that lasts forever! Unless you smash your own tools, you'll be able to get fresh ones if yours are damaged, somehow become unusable, or simply have workmanship or material defects.

Take your tool box to the next level by getting a new set of tools from Great Neck. You can look up the brand's products using our catalog, and you'll only need to complete a few steps to complete checkout. Don't be too worried about your budget; we assure you that the items we offer are as affordable as affordable gets. Parts Train has the lowest prices on the market, and we'll even offer to match the price of another online parts store if you ever see one of our competitors selling your item cheaper. With this arrangement, we can assure you that you always get the best bargains for very reliable parts, tools, and accessories.