Granatelli Throttle Body & Accessories

Your car is composed of many crucial parts and system that all work together in bringing out the best out of your vehicle. Each of the functions of your car's systems varies making them all unique and as such they also require particular maintenance or upkeep. One of the most vital car structures in your car is the engine system, as I'm sure you will agree. The task of this engine system in your car is to give your car or to produce power and torque that is the main reason why your car can run perfectly on the road. The modern cars on the road these days also have modern engine specifications enabling them to compete with even the most recent car model.

These modern engine systems are composed of also many crucial parts and accessories to make sure that it will always have a quality and enjoyable drive on the road. A good example of this engine component that is regularly mounted on the engine system on your car is the throttle body like the Granatelli throttle body. This throttle body is usually present in a fuel injection engine, specifically in the air intake system that regulates the amount of air that that goes into the engine. This throttle body has two types; the first type is the part of the intake system that is used to measure all the air flow as it enters the intake manifold of your car. The second type is the part of the fuel injection system that is typically an electronic part or an electronic carburetor.

A throttle body like the Granatelli throttle body is very important if you want to have a well-functioning engine at all times. Because of this device there is ample supply of air within the engine chambers, air supply that is neither too much or to little.