Granatelli Panhard Rods & Accessories

The suspension system of your car is composed of many parts and components like the panhard rod. This part is also referred to as track bar that indicates the lateral location or whereabouts of the axle of the car. Manufactured by Panhard automobiles in France during the early 20th century this panhard rod or track bar has evolved to be the excellent suspension material it is today. While the purpose of the suspension system especially the rear part is to allow the wheels of that car to move vertically with the respect to the body, it is adverse to allow them to move forward and backwards. The panhard rod has been designed to prevent this kind of movement.

One of the great producers of high quality panhard rod or track bar is Granatelli. This company has years of experience in auto parts manufacturing so by now they have gained the expertise that enable them to develop highly efficient parts like this Granatelli panhard rod. Panhard rod is one of the most crucial parts of the suspension system of your car. Though it may appear to be a very simple device yet it is very crucial that consists of a rigid bar that is running sideways parallel to the rear axle of the car, connecting one end of the axle of your car to the chassis on the opposite side of the car. The bar or rod that is attached on either end with the help of pivots allows it to swivel upwards and downwards, for the reason of allowing it to move in the vertical plane.

Regularly maintaining and cleaning the Granatelli panhard rods of the car and all of its components is a must. In this manner you ensure the excellent shape of the vehicle for a long time to come.