Granatelli Headers & Accessories

Every vehicle on the road is composed of a variety of tubes and pipes. Always keep in mind that these pipes also have varied applications, some used as passageway of fuel while others are used for removing exhaust gases in the exhaust system. One of the most important exhaust system is the header or exhaust manifold. This component is a very vital one because it brings together the wastes gases produced during combustion and directs it into a single pipe. You even might wonder why there is a need for this intricacy in getting rid of the exhaust gases. Well it is because the exhaust gases contain damaging substances that when inhaled by humans can prove harmful to the health.

The headers have to be kept in excellent condition at all times. In order to ensure this, it is ideal to check this part regularly. Make sure to check for cracks and also look closely if the exhaust pipe mounts are still securely in place. But if upon checking you don't find see anything wrong, there are still others ways by which you will be aware. If you hear a ticking noise whenever you push the accelerator down to its limits and if you smell some exhaust getting into the cabin. If you are not quite sure about your own findings, it will be so much better to have a professional car technician to take a look on it.

Once it has been confirmed that the header is the root of the problem have it replaced it immediately. The Granatelli headers are high quality replacement items that you can employ in your vehicle. These are made from durable steel so you can rest assured that it will last long in its use. Don't compromise the performance of your ride, use the premium Granatelli headers.