Granatelli Fuel Fitting & Accessories

Granatelli Motor Sports wants to make everything easy and simple for you. The Granatelli products are equipped with bolt on installation that responds immediately after a few minutes of proper installation. And best of all, it has hand tools and everything that you will need for the installation process in its product packages. With the Granatelli products, you will be able to experience utmost satisfaction from the performance of your vehicle and you will also be able to achieve unparalleled road speed. You can put your trust on the Granatelli Motor Sports products since the company was founded by J.R. Granatelli. He is currently the world record recorder for the fastest modular engined Mustang. He is also a licensed Pro Stock race driver and he surely knows a lot about speed and quality vehicle performance and he definitely is a speed buff. The company's goal is to impart J. R. Granatelli's knowledge on engine tuning with the other vehicle buffs through the company's performance products like the Granatelli fuel fitting.

The Granatelli fuel fitting allows installation of an external mount fuel pump. It also allows an easy connection of the bigger fuel lines. The Granatelli fuel fittings work just fine whether you have a carbureted vehicle or a more modern, fuel injected vehicle. Like all the other Granatelli products, it includes all the hardware that you will ever need for the proper and complete installation of the Granatelli fuel fittings. It has a 10 AN feed and 6 AN return. With a Granatelli fuel fitting, solving the fuel related problems is as quick and easy as counting 1, 2, and 3. The Granatelli fuel fittings can be used to diagnose and clean the fuel injection systems of your vehicle in case you have a fuel injected vehicle.

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