Granatelli Engine Programmer & Accessories

Back in the not-so-long-ago days, you had to install some major mechanical parts so as to get additional power out of the engine of your vehicle. And of course, to install these mechanical parts, you would have to spend a day or two under the hood of your vehicle. But now, a lot has changed. It can now be possible to see a huge improvement without having to get your hands dirty. Today's modern cars are equipped with computers that control most of the systems inside the vehicle. The computer controlled systems can be tinkered and altered by simply making some adjustments in the hardware with the use of the Granatelli engine programmer. Ever since the automobiles went to the OBD2 systems, they now all have rewritable software that controls everything from the correct fuel/air mixture down to the shift points.

To alter any of the settings, you can just simply plug the Granatelli engine programmer into the diagnostic port of your vehicle. After reading your vehicle's VIN, it will run through a series of questions answerable by yes or no which will take not any longer than a few minutes for you to answer. Based on your answers, the Granatelli engine programmer will start to reprogram your vehicle's engine and transmission so that you can be able to achieve the driving characteristics that you are looking for. This product is practically somewhat a miracle device, and with horsepower gains for up to 20 horsepower that you can achieve without having to do the dirty work.

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