Granatelli Control Arm Kit & Accessories

Included in the suspension system of your vehicle, the control arm, sometimes called the A arm or the wishbone, is an almost flat and roughly triangular sub-frame or member which pivots in two places. The broad end of the triangle links at the frame and pivots on a bushing while the narrow end of the triangle links to the steering knuckle and pivots on a ball joint. One of the finest Control Arms that you can find on the market nowadays is the Granatelli Control Arm. With the Granatelli Control Arm, you can achieve more improvement in the vehicle's handling and a faster turn in response. It is an integral component if you are into serious performance driving for track days and auto cross competition. Vehicles with lowered ride heights, shorter coil springs and coilover systems will extremely benefit from the enhanced capabilities of the Granatelli Control Arms.

The Granatelli Control Arm eliminates the flexing of the chassis for a more improved traction. The product is fully adjustable pinion angle for custom suspension tuning. The kit includes 2 pieces of heavy duty tubular powder coated lower control arms, adjustable rod ends as well as all the hardware necessary for the easy installation of the components. The whole installation process may only take less than a couple of hours. Granatelli offers rear lower control arm race kits and lower control arms with urethane bushings. These products are direct OE replacements so it would not take too much time for it to be installed properly. Granatelli Motor Sports wants everything to be easy and simple for you and for all the vehicle enthusiasts out there. The Granatelli products are made with bolt on installation that immediately takes effect, just ten minutes after installation.

Our Granatelli Control Arms are available in a wide variety that you can choose from. They are priced affordably so it will surely fit the budget. At Parts Train, we know how important your security is for you so we have made sure that our online order placement is completely secure.