Granatelli Control Arm & Accessories

An enjoyable ride is only possible if there is good handling and the whole car is easily managed. Good handling and drivability is achievable if the suspension and steering system it has are in great condition. The suspension system in particular is composed of several parts that all work together to deliver the excellent handling that car owners want from their car. These parts include that struts, springs, coil overs, ball joints, shocks, tie rod and the sway bar. But aside from these, there is still one rarely mentioned part and it is the control arm also referred to as the wishbone or A-arm in the vehicle.

It is of a triangular structure with three sides so it is shaped like a letter A, hence the name A-arm. This car part is very important because it handles the motion of the wheels in accordance with the car's body. Two of the arms join the wheels to the vehicle's frame while the third arm connects to the spindle. Due to the presence of this control arm you and your passengers are able to have a more relaxed ride because even if you travel through very rough terrains you can hardly feel motion sickness at all.

A control arm like the Granatelli control arm deserves the proper maintenance that you can give. Even if the Granatelli control arm is developed using high quality materials it will still end up worn after a long time of use. If you experience wandering and excessive noise in that part of your vehicle then you had better have it checked for it could the control arm at fault. When it comes to replacement, one of your great options is the Granatelli control arm. A wide selection of this product awaits you at Parts Train so you need not far for your requirement.