Granatelli Cold Air Intake Tube & Accessories

The cold air intake of your vehicle lets your vehicle's engine take in huge amounts of cooler air which then results to an increased power at the wheels. The cold air intake improves the combustion process of your engine which uses both fuel and oxygen. The system sucks in more cold air and more cold air means more oxygen which then results to a more usable power and torque throughout the RPM range of the engine. The cold air intake have the air filter outside of the engine compartment or far from the heat generated by the engine for a cooler intake charge. Cold air is heavier and denser than warm air, which means that more oxygen can be found in a cubic foot of cold air providing a higher volume of air into the engine. Changing the stock airbox of your vehicle with an all new cold air induction system eliminates one of the largest restrictions in the engine of your vehicle.

If you already have a cold air intake system and one of its components such as the cold air intake tube gets damaged, you do not have to replace the whole system. But instead you can opt to replace the tube alone with the Granatelli cold air intake tube. The Granatelli cold air intake tube is a direct OEM fit so it can be easily installed in just a few minutes. This product provides a more improved engine power and a more enhanced fuel mileage. The product also includes all the hardware that is going to be needed for the installation process. With the Granatelli cold air intake tube, you can have a better throttle response. It easily installs directly in place of your vehicle's factory air bridge.

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