Granatelli Cold Air Intake & Accessories

The cold air intake in your vehicle is a system that is used to bring down the temperature of the air that flows into the vehicle so as to increase the power of the internal combustion engine of the vehicle. One other function of the cold air intake is to enhance the look of the vehicle by altering the appearance of the vehicle's engine bay and the system also creates an attractive intake noise. These aftermarket vehicle components come in several different colors and a variety of sizes. This component is one of the many inexpensive vehicle components that surely boost the performance of the performance of the vehicle. The cold air intake works on the principle of increasing the amount of oxygen available for combustion with fuel. Since the cold air is denser in a given volume, the cold air intake generally works by letting in cooler outside air inside the hot engine bay. The cold air intake replaces the stock airbox of the vehicle with the short metal or plastic tube leading to an air filter shaped like a cone. And this increases the performance of the vehicle.

One of the most trusted cold air intake brands is the Granatelli Motor Sports. The Granatelli cold air intake adds an additional 10 to 20 horsepower on the rear wheels. The product provides an enhanced throttle response. The product also provides a more improved gas mileage for the vehicle. The Granatelli cold air intake works well with the Granatelli high performance mass airflow sensors since they compliment each other greatly. The Granatelli cold air intake may come with an enclosed intake or an open filter. They also come in a sleek and stylish black finish that can provide enhancement on the aesthetic department of the engine bay.

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