Granatelli Clutch Quadrant & Accessories

The founder of the Granatelli Motor Sports is J.R. Granatelli. He currently holds the world record for the fastest modular-engined Mustang. He is a licensed pro-stock race driver and he definitely loves speed and greatly knows about it. The Granatelli Motor Sports, named after its founder, aims to share the founder's knowledge in engine tuning with other vehicle enthusiasts through the company's performance products such as the Granatelli clutch quadrant. The Granatelli clutch quadrant is a heavy duty OEM replacement for the weak factory plastic clutch quadrant that allows easy clutch adjustments. The product's system is compatible with factory and aftermarket clutches. Each system comes with an anodized billet 6061 T-6 aluminum clutch quadrant and all the hardware needed for the complete installation of the product. The Granatelli clutch quadrant is adjustable.

If you have a vehicle with a manual transmission, you can't get very far without paying some attention to your vehicle's clutch. The clutch allows you to physically detach the engine from the transmission, which allows you to shift gears without damaging the gear box. No doubt that you would want to have the finest clutch components there possibly is, so you would want to employ a heavy duty Granatelli clutch quadrant. For most vehicles, the OEM clutch quadrant is a weak plastic component. The Granatelli clutch quadrant is made from high grade oxidized 6061 T-6 billet aluminum. This metal is very durable let light weight and is resistant to corrosion so as to guarantee that the product can provide an excellent service and a long service life. The Granatelli clutch quadrant, as with all the Granatelli products, is manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

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