Granatelli Camber Plates & Accessories

If you open the hood of your vehicle and take a look at the strut mounts on top part of the wheel wells, you will see a bolt that keeps the struts in place. The plates which are keeping the struts there are replaced with camber plates, which allows for adjustment of the strut itself. Basically, the plates allow the camber to be adjusted which in return stops the excessive tire wear that happens after lowering the vehicle. The negative camber is desired when in an aggressive competition driving to enhance the tire contact patch contact. One of the best camber plates available in the market today is the Granatelli camber plates. The Granatelli camber plates allow the vehicle owners to be able to easily adjust camber for use on the streets or use on autocross competitions or road courses and then return to stock camber for use of the vehicle on the streets.

The Granatelli camber plates allow a total camber adjustment to have a better vehicle handling. It is made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum steel and includes all the attaching hardware needed. It is designed for easy installation so you can have it installed in your vehicle in less than an hour. Granatelli has made things simple and easy for you. Most of the Granatelli products, including the Granatelli camber plates are crafted with bolt on installation that quickly responds after 10 minutes from the time of installation. And what is best about it is that it has hand tools and everything that you will ever need for the installation process in Granatelli's product packages. And with the Granatelli camber plates, you will experience utmost satisfaction and unparalleled road speed and performance.

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