Granatelli Car Parts & Accessories

Granatelli products are synonymous to legendary performance. With its extensive years in the business, Granatelli aim to be the number one performance brand in the world. It strives to delight its customers through determination, hard work and innovations. It hires efficient work force, invest in top quality equipment for production and continuously enhance every product. Those are the reasons why Granatelli is a favorite among performance enthusiasts, speed shops and car companies.

Currently ranked as the world's record holder for the fastest modular-engined Mustang, the Granatelli Motor Sports was founded by J.R. Granatelli, a Pro Stock racer. The company was named after him, which was intended to share his engine-tuning knowledge with other racing enthusiast. As a person who loves speed, Granatelli established his reputable company and offered performance products such as the Granatelli Mass Air Flow Sensor. If you are one of the speed aficionados, your vehicle would not have the hassles of major modifications if you have the Granatelli products with you.

The Granatelli Mass Air Flow Sensor provides you with extra speed and driving power to attain maximum performance on the track. More than that, its rapid 10 to 23 horsepower difference enhances the passing, towing and hill-climbing capability. And most of all, the Granatelli Mass Air Flow Sensor let loose your engine's potential by adding 23 horsepower advantage. Compared to other tough competitors, the Granatelli products works better even on narrow airflow sensors because of its larger diameter that allows 47% more air flow.

That is not the only advantage of the Granatelli Mass Air Flow Sensor. It is also available in cold air tuning model that works with the cold air intake system. That is how the Granatelli products are convenient for you. And because Granatelli wants the best for you, its products are made with bolt-on installation, which quickly responds after 10 minutes afetr the installation. Its packages include hand tools and stuffs you need for your installation process. With the Granatelli products, your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.