Goodyear Car Parts & Accessories

When someone mentions Goodyear, tires are what instantly pop into most people's minds. While that remains the forte of this Akron, Ohio-based manufacturing company, it has already branched out to produce other rubber-based automotive components.

There's no denying the reliability of Goodyear tire systems. Since 1898, the company has been providing the automotive market with a wide range of tires. After all, most vehicles have to use tires, whether you're driving a car, a light truck, an SUV, a colossal earth mover, or a Formula 1 race car. In the mid-1920s, Goodyear became the world's largest rubber company. In the early-1990s, it started expanding into new markets and further increased its client base. Today, the brand is synonymous with tire quality and has numerous subsidiaries all over the world, allowing it to be the top tiremaker in North America as well as in Latin America. It's also the second largest tire manufacturer over in Europe. By sticking to the company's motto of "Protect Our Good Name," it has been able to make some pretty big strides on its way to being perhaps the most recognized tire company of all time.

Aside from world-class tires, Goodyear also produces other high-quality rubber products for the automotive parts market. The company also makes timing belts, tensioners, and all sorts of automotive hoses. These are replacement options that equal or even exceed the specifications of stock rubber components. What's more, you have some added measure of security provided by the manufacturer's 12-month or 12,000-mile limited warranty. The durability and reliability of each rubber part will surely hold up even under extreme conditions, but you still have the warranty to lean on in case of sudden failure.

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