Goetze Car Parts & Accessories

Sealing components can be incredibly small, which is why it comes as no surprise that many car owners overlook damage to their ride's gaskets and O-rings. But when your ride's components start to leak fluid or the fluid inside certain components becomes contaminated because of damaged seals, you'll really start paying more attention to those seals. For quality automotive sealing products, Goetze is one brand you can put your trust in.

As another brand under the umbrella company of Federal-Mogul, a world-class brand that provides automotive part solutions and trusted by many a mechanic, Goetze has the kind of facilities and technical know-how required to produce gasket sets, O-rings, plugs, and washers that are of high quality. These seals are made with modern sealing technologies, giving them some resistance to oil and the chemical additives thrown into some products as well as allowing for reduced heat buildup, modified temperature operating ranges, and improved tolerance for shaft eccentricity. These technologies are most evident in valve stem seals and in polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE oil seals.

You can rely on the sealing capability of Goetze parts because these are made from some of the toughest materials used in making seals. Additionally, every seal is subjected to tests and quality checks that will determine if it is already market-ready. This way, you are sure that the parts that end up on your doorstep are always reliable and can be counted on to provide excellent service for a long, long time. There's also a 12,000-mile or 12-month warranty coverage that comes with these seals, a courtesy from the manufacturer to add some security to your purchase.

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