Go Rhino Grille Guard & Accessories

Crashing into another car, into the post or into the wall sometimes cannot be helped. Like accidents we have no way of knowing how and when this kind of scenario will take place. Being caught unaware by such incidents is a very big disadvantage, so as a driver the best that you can do is be to equip yourself and you car with protective equipment like the Go Rhino grille guard. Since the grille is a car part that does a lot for the fascia it is only that it should be protected from harm and damage. The grille guard from Go Rhino is one of the best solutions if you really want to preserve this part of your vehicle.

Go Rhino has a wide array of grille guard products that you can choose from. They have the 1000 Series one-piece guard that features a black powder coat finish that was applied by electrostatically. This kind of finish makes this grille guard more impervious to scratches, dings and even corrosion. Using the 1000 Series type requires no drilling, so it'll be easy to use. This design has another variation which is the 3000 Series StepGuard. The only difference from the previous one is that this carries a step pad.

Another type from Go Rhino is the 3000 Series StepGuard that has a specially-made built-in step. Having the step facilitates contact to the hood and engine especially to high vehicles like trucks and SUVs. Using this built-in step is no problem because you will be secure in the oversize step pad. The Rhino Charger is also another option for you that is made from 2.5' x .065' tubing offering custom fit for each vehicle. You can get this in polished stainless as well as powder coat finishes. Go Rhino made all these in a simple enough design so you will not have a hard time installing them.