Go Pro Car Parts & Accessories

Movies like the Fast and Furious franchise have captured the imaginations of many a car enthusiast, prompting them to make their own epic videos showing their rides in action. That endeavor, however, requires special cameras to get the shots right. One of the recommended brands for that purpose is Go Pro, with its line of specially designed sports cameras.

The cameras manufactured by Go Pro have target niches in mind; the one geared for capturing racing action is the HD Motorsports Hero, which has received awards based on picture quality even under the extreme conditions of high-performance racing. This camera captures video in all its 1080p High-Definition glory at 30 frames per second. Those who prefer higher framerates can toggle the 720p shooting mode, which allows as much as 60 frames per second. Time-lapse photography mode is also among the features of this camera, with output of 5-megapixel still images for up to 2.5 hours.

Using the Go Pro HD Motorsports Hero is easy-you just use any of the accompanying helmet or vehicle mounts, position the camera where you want it, and start shooting. Plus, it's durable as heck; the camera itself is waterproof up to 60 meters, and it has a removable polycarbonate housing that acts as a shield against rocks, debris, and other things that can damage the camera. In case you damage the housing or the lens of your new Go Pro camera, it's a piece of cake to order replacement lens kits and housings from the manufacturer.

The bottom line here is that you don't have to be Rob Cohen, John Singleton, or Justin Lin just to direct your own fast-paced racing movies. With Go Pro sports cameras, you'll be able to capture the action no matter how fast you go. You'll find some of these cameras as well as camera mount kits right here, along with the rest of our million-parts-strong online catalog. Don't be nervous when it comes to pricing, as our items all have low, low prices to allow you to save big. Parts Train is here to show you that premium auto parts and accessories don't have to cost a fortune.