Girling Brake Caliper & Accessories

Braking and stopping at the right moment is among the more important features of your everyday drive. You see, what will happen if you cannot control your automobile everytime you want to stop it? Your safety and the safety of your passengers and the other people on the road will certainly be compromised. This is the reason why the braking system of your vehicle is considered to be an integral part of your auto. Being a system, the brakes of your ride are made up of a number of components, and one of these is the brake caliper. The Girling Brake Caliper is just one of the many brake caliper products out there which is sure to deliver high quality braking performance in your daily driving. The Girling brand has been in existence since 1925, manufacturing automotive parts, including auto brakes, so you are rest assured that the brand has a tradition of churning reliable components. Actually, there are two main types of calipers out in the market: the floating caliper and the fixed caliper. Though there may exist other configurations, these two types are the more popular ones. A floating caliper means that the caliper will 'float' or will move in a track in its support so that it can center itself over the rotor. The fixed caliper, on the other hand, is mounted rigidly to the support and is not allowed to move. What happens is that there will be two pistons on each side to press the pads against the rotor to bring your auto to a stop. Calipers must also receive their own share of care and proper maintenance. These performance parts must be rebuilt or replaced if they show signs of a leaking brake fluid. If replacement is needed, worry no more since we have a Girling Brake Caliper currently available here in our site.