Girling Car Parts & Accessories

It's a bit funny when you think about it-brakes can't have breaks. If they do, and you suddenly needed your car to slow down or stop entirely, you'll be figuring in an accident and could end up getting seriously injured. Good thing there are manufacturers like Girling that offer quality braking components that work nonstop to ensure that your car always gets the braking power it needs, exactly when you need it.

The company traces its roots some 70 years ago, when one Captain AHG Girling developed an all-new brake system for a cycle company. With the success of this new system, a group decided to purchase that company and form its own brand-the Girling we know today. Currently, the brand is involved in manufacturing OEM brake and steering components for the automotive industry. The company's reach isn't limited to commercial vehicles, as it also produces parts for the off-road market, agricultural equipment, motorbikes, and even locomotives. Additionally, the brand has also made a mark in motorsport-12 Formula 1 drivers' championship winners since 1959 used disc brakes by none other than this particular brand.

The OE replacement ball joints, tie rod ends, brake calipers, and brake boosters manufactured by Girling all went through rigorous testing after they were churned out by top-of-the-line facilities. This is your assurance of quality, backed by the company's limited warranty that will last for 12 months or 12,000 miles after your purchase. With that, you'll never get stuck with a damaged or defective component if you ever pull one out of the box.

If you're in the market for reliable, no-nonsense replacement braking components, Girling products won't disappoint. You can order some easily from us, using our online catalog. We have a complete assortment of parts from this manufacturer, and we are offering them to you at the most affordable prices on the Internet. We will also match or beat other online stores' rates should you find your item sold cheaper at our competitors' sites. When you shop here, you're always in for big savings-and you never have to compromise the quality and reliability of your ordered parts just to shave off a few dollars off your purchase!