Gibson Headers & Accessories

The exhaust system is one of the most important components that make up the whole vehicle. If there is the system that serves as the passage of fuel into the vehicle, there is also the part that is responsible for the waste elimination, waste that takes the form of exhaust gases from the combustion process. This part which is quite familiar to almost everyone is the exhaust system. This is composed of several important subcomponents and one of them is the headers. This exhaust system part is accountable for collecting the exhaust gases from the various cylinders and driving them into a single pipe.

There are many manufacturers of exhaust headers or manifold out in the market today and one of the names that have built an excellent reputation over the years is the Gibson company. Through the use of Gibson headers you can unleash your vehicle's potential to the fullest. The Gibson headers are precisely engineered and manufactured in order to bring more power and torque at low and mid-range RPM highway speed. Because the Gibson headers are Dyno-tuned it enhances the engine's ability to breathe so it can operate at a cooler engine temperature. You will not doubt the capability of the Gibson headers because these are integrated with excellent features like the Mandrel-bent tubing, heavy duty 3/8' thick laser cut port flanges, air injection & oxygen sensor fittings. These can also last long in its service to you because you can choose from several types of coating line nickel chrome plated, stainless steel and ceramic coated.

So if your vehicle's headers can no longer deliver the function expected of it, don't think twice about replacing it with Gibson headers. These Gibson headers can really deliver the exhaust performance that you want out of your ride whether it is a truck, sedan or SUV.