Gibson Car Parts & Accessories

The header is the component of the vehicle that is responsible for gathering exhaust gasses, which came from the cylinder into the pipe. Headers are made from cast iron and their primary purpose is to collect the exhaust gasses then pass it on to the exhaust pipes. Although there are different car parts manufacturers, which offer the header and some other parts of the exhaust system. There is only one reliable brand that can be truly trusted and that is – Gibson. This company is a car parts maker that concentrates in the production of exhaust system products as well as headers.

Gibson headers are specially designed and are Dyno-tuned to transmit greater horsepower and torque even at low range RPM velocity. Aside from that, enhanced Gibson headers improve the capability of the engine to even out the operating temperature. They are the perfect replacement parts for your original headers that used the crossover pipes. The Gibson headers are absolutely durable as it is suitable both for street and off-road driving. And, they are appropriate for raised and lowered vehicle too.

There are three style of the Gibson header – ceramic-coated header, nickel chrome plated and the stainless steel. The ceramic coating is 409 L heavy-duty stainless steel tubing containing a high-temp coating. Second is the nickel chrome plated header. It is made of 4ga steel tubing for durability and permanence. Then, the stainless steel header from Gibson consists of heavy-duty 409 L 16ga tubing.

Indeed, Gibson products are guaranteed. To optimize the airflow and heighten the horsepower, it contains mandrel-bent tubing. There are heavy-duty laser cut port device in it that helps to prevent distortion and leakages. Aside from the exhaust products and header, Gibson offers air injection fittings and oxygen sensors with top-quality gaskets and hardware. And take note, upon installation of your vehicle header, welding is no longer needed. That is why, Gibson products are preferred by a growing number of customers. Get you Gibson products in your most reliable auto parts provider, Partstrain.