GE Lighting Fog Light Bulb & Accessories

The GE Lighting Fog Light Bulb is an excellent replacement for the damaged stock fog light bulb of your car. Unlike a regular headlight bulb, this topnotch bulb ensures visibility even when there's a thick patch of fog in front of you. As such, your chances of getting into accidents dramatically decrease. Switching on your regular headlights will only make visibility worse when you're in this situation. This is because the beams from the headlight bulb just reflect off the water droplets that form the fog and bounce back to your eyes. With a fog light bulb replacement from GE Lighting, however, the beams can cut through the water droplets. Therefore, you'll see the road clearly even on a foggy day.

The GE Lighting Fog Light Bulb adheres to a plug-and-play installation that you don't usually encounter with similar fog light bulbs. It comes with all the installation hardware you need to mount it. This bulb can churn out 55 watts-and with that amount of illuminating power, you won't struggle seeing the road ever again. Once installed, this fog light bulb will cast wide beams of light down onto the road. The beams go lower than the water droplets, enabling you to see clearly despite the haze. Moreover, with its topnotch housing protecting it all the time, it's virtually indestructible. You don't have to deal with compatibility issues, too, since the bulb is built to fit most vehicle makes and models.

The GE Lighting Fog Light Bulb is available at Parts Train. Getting one is easy-all you need to do is place an order and we'll take care of the rest! So don't waste your time. Invest in high-quality fog light bulbs and enjoy optimum visibility on the road.