GE Lighting Car Parts & Accessories

Why trust GE Lighting? Well, simply because the brand is a world-renowned manufacturer not only of automobile lights, but home and industrial lighting products as well. But exactly how much light do you need on the road to be able to drive safely? It depends on your vision, actually. If you're wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses, then you definitely need bulbs with higher intensity compared to those that come stock on your car. That's because response time improves a lot when you can clearly see things from a distance.

However, people with 20/20 vision can also benefit from brighter GE Lighting bulbs. The brand's headlight bulbs don't just illuminate the road in front of you, but also make other drivers aware of your presence on the road. Even from afar, drivers ahead of you will know you're coming, which is really important when you're passing vehicles on the freeway. To make your car even more conspicuous at night, GE Lighting also offers other GE Lighting parts. For instance, bulbs for the taillights, turn signal lights, and fog lights. These bulbs can help you shun accidents caused by poor nighttime visibility.

Take note, though, that if you're going to switch to brighter GE Lighting bulbs, make sure to replace the light ballasts and wiring harnesses as well. The increased electrical load these aftermarket bulbs are capable of producing may cause excessive heat on stock ballasts and harnesses. Make sure, too, that the headlights are aimed properly so they won't blind oncoming drivers. Your choice of headlight beam color may depend on local laws as well. It's best to follow them to avoid getting flagged down because your headlights are too bright.

For everyone on the road, brighter auto lights will surely reduce the stress levels associated with nighttime driving. So make sure your car is ready to navigate the dark roads at night. Get GE Lighting bulbs to replace your car's stock bulbs. A wide array of GE Lighting parts is available at Parts Train.