Futaba Car Parts & Accessories

The displays on various electronic components inside your car, particularly around the dashboard and center console area, help let you know what's happening with your vehicle. From readouts to stereo interfaces, car owners are constantly observing these visual representations of a wide range of data. One of the companies that make that awareness possible is Futaba, a prominent manufacturer of vacuum flourescent displays, also known as VFDs.

Of course, the Futaba product range isn't limited to displays. You'll even find some oil pressure switches and radiator caps marketed under the company's name. Another interesting things about this brand is the diverse range of its products. It doesn't just make parts for actual vehicles-it also produces radio controls for the hobby RC and industrial RC industries. Even the displays aren't just for automotive applications. Additionally, the company also supplies various industries with machinery and tooling driven by technologies the company itself developed for use in its own manufacturing processes.

Futaba has production facilities in several places around the world, including Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and the United States of America. These world-class facilities have ISO 9001 as well as QS-9000 certifications, which are testaments to the quality and reliability of the brand's products. The company has also garnered numerous awards from industry experts and from automakers themselves. All of these translates to every unit that has the company's logo stamped on it. As an added guarantee of product reliability, each item also comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturer that goes for as long as 12 months or 12,000 miles.

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