Fram Air Filter & Accessories

We all know that the air around us in already full of impurities. These impurities cannot be seen which make them all the more harmful. Human health becomes at risk because of the air impurities. The only recourse is to have a good immune resistance. But it is not only humans that need clean air. Mechanisms like cars also need clean air especially for the combustion process. In order to come up with clean air, an air filter is employed in the car's engine. In a general sense the air filter is a device that is used in order to remove the harmful solid substances that can hinder the smooth flow of the combustion process. Bacteria, pollen and dust are only some samples of the pollutants that can play havoc on the engine's walls, pistons, piston rings and cylinders.

So in order to safeguard your engine's good performance you can use the Fram air filter. Fram is a company that produced the very first dry-type carburetor air filter. And now they have also produced regular replacement air filters that really help the engine a lot so that excessive wear can be avoided and your gas mileage can be improved. One kind of Fram air filter that's available these days is the Fram Tough Guard air filter that's designed with advanced features to give protection to the engine even when driving in really rough roads. The Fram Extra Life air filter is another product that can enhance the performance and requires changing when you reach the 12,000 miles mark. The Fram Airhog High Perfomance air filter and the Fram Comfortaire passenger Compartment air filter are some of the other options that are open to you from this company.

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