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If the human body requires clean air that gets into the body, so does the vehicle. It must be free from contaminants and debris like the dust and other particles. In order to prevent impurities from entering your car, the air filter is required. Different online stores offer the air filter for that reason. But, the Fram air filters do more than that. The air filters manufactured by Fram are not ordinary because of the modern technology used in the production process.

Because the air filter is very essential to the vehicle, Fram does not only provide a single type of it. The air filter from Fram ranges from Comfortaire Passenger Compartment to Air Hog High Performance, Extra Life and Tough Guard. These are the air filters provided by Fram to meet the needs of your vehicle. The Fram Comfortaire Passenger Compartment is a cabin air filter. It has the ability to remove exhaust gases, dust and pollen from entering the cabin air stream.

The Fram Air Hog High Performance are air filters which involve a 4-layer cotton gauze that allows more air flow. Then, the Fram Extra Life air filters are used to get rid of polluted and worn out air filter. And lastly, the Fram Tough Guard air filters are manufactured as a defense to the engine on hard driving conditions. The innovation used in the Fram Tough Guard air filters is the pre-oiled media. This is the technology used in this type of the Fram air filter to control the dirt.

Compared to other types, the Fram Tough Guard filter contains heavier screens for extra strength. The filters made by Fram are firmly attached with the use of the pleat lock glue. Remember that the air filter must be properly attached to prevent air restriction and allow consistent airflow. Fram recommends that for every 12,000 miles, your air filter should be altered to make sure that there is continuous air flow in the engine. The high-quality materials used in the production makes the Fram air filter more durable and reliable. Should you wish to replace your air filter now, choose Fram air filter that are available at Partstrain.