Ford Racing Timing Cover & Accessories

Because the timing of the valves' opening and closing is very crucial for the engine of the vehicle's smooth operation, it would only be proper for the timing belt to be properly protected. For your Ford vehicle, this protection is provided by the timing cover which is a lid that is made up of three metal plates. Without the timing cover, the timing belt can get easily damaged. Ofcourse, you would not want this to happen because if the belt gets damaged, the opening and closing of the valves will not be timed properly. And worst, this can cause a valve to open at the compression stroke of one of the pistons, which will cause a damaging collision that will result to a damaged valve. This damage can further result to other different damages on the internal combustion engine.

However, some of the damages in the timing belt are caused by the timing cover itself. Reckless timing cover installation is one of the primary causes of the timing belt damages. To prevent such problem, it is always recommended that the timing cover replacements be done by the professional mechanics. This would be a wise move since replacing the timing belt cover would require the removal of quite a number of other components like the water pump, the radiator hose, the thermostat housing and other several components. For your Ford vehicle, install a Ford racing timing cover. The Ford Racing timing cover helps extinguish the annoying problems concerning the timing belt.

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