Ford Racing Tie Rod End & Accessories

The tie rod ends are used in the steering knuckle pivot supports, steering linkage and to the other hinge mechanisms. They are comprised of an inner end and an outer end. The tie rods are used to transmit the force coming from the steering center link, or the rack gear, to the steering knuckle which in turn causes the wheels of the vehicle to turn. The outer tie rod ends links to an adjusting sleeve so that the length of the tie rod is permitted to be adjustable. The length is used for adjustment purposes since the toe of the vehicle set up at a critical alignment angle. The tie rod ends connects the steering rack and the steering knuckle. The function of this product may be all too simple for you but when this component fails, they can cause a huge damage. There are actually no special maintenance routines for the tie rod end to keep them performing efficiently at all times, just keep them properly lubricated. The tie rod ends will fail if it is not lubricated properly.

Upon installation of the new Ford Racing tie rod ends, the wheel alignment must be reset since the toe setting is going to be disrupted. To make sure that it will be properly installed, a professional service mechanic must be consulted. Replacing the worn out and damaged tie rod ends will prevent any more damages. If a worn out or damaged tie rod end is overlooked, it could be very dangerous and will cause the tires to wear unevenly. When you start to experience excessive tire wear, wandering and erratic steering, it is likely that the tie rod ends have already gone bad. It will be high time that you replace them with new Ford Racing tie rod ends.

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