Ford Racing Performance Brake Kit & Accessories

The Ford Racing performance brake kits consist of specially engineered and matched groups of brake components crafted to provide a superior braking system performance and custom appeal over a wide array of applications. Most kits can be easily installed with the common hand tools used to perform a routine brake service. Although some of the kits would require minor modifications to the spindle or axle so as to ensure the proper use of the Ford Racing performance brake kit. The Ford Racing performance brake kits can be as simple as a brake pad and brake rotor upgrade or can be as extensive as complete systems featuring all new brake calipers, upgraded brake rotors, hubs, mounting hats, brake pads and the associated hardware needed for the installation of these components on specific front spindle or rear axle applications. Complex processes, materials, technology and true pride in real engineering ingenuity are demonstrated in every component included in every Ford Racing performance brake kits.

Ford Motors have been able to develop high technology performance racing components fit for all the Ford models. Their experience in providing the public with high quality vehicles and auto components has led to the production of Ford Racing products. These products enhance the performance of every Ford model that they are installed in. They constantly develop and design their products so as to be able to give the best possible performance that it can provide. However, for these components to perform properly, they should be properly maintained. Overall cleaning and check ups must be done regularly, as well as a periodic trip to the mechanic is a must to ensure the vehicle components' long life.

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