Ford Racing Lowering Kit & Accessories

Lowering your Ford vehicle not only drops the vehicle's center of gravity which makes it more stable when turning, it also makes the vehicle look sleek. The Ford Racing lowering kits are available for practically all of the Ford models. Most of the Ford vehicles feature coil springs in the front, so some of the lowering kits are as simple as swapping to the shorter coil springs. It would not be wise to heat or cut the springs so as to lower the vehicle because doing so will seriously reduce the vehicle's ride quality and handling abilities and it may also have an effect on the suspension geometry, which means that you will not be able to steer the vehicle as well and the tires will wear unevenly.

The shorter coil springs often drop the nose for 2 inches. The Ford Racing lowering kits are stiffer than the springs they replace, so as to control the suspension's movement faster because there is less suspension travel. The stiffer coil springs greatly improves the vehicle's handling but they also provide a harsher ride. Ford Racing's solution to this problem is by offering progressive rate coil springs which start out relatively soft but gets more and more stiff as the coil springs get compressed. If you would want to maintain both a comfortable ride and the vehicle's current hauling capacity, you can swap to new leaf springs that have an overload leaf. It does not come in contact with the other springs unless you add a load to the vehicle. Then it stiffens the springs so as to be able to accommodate the extra weight.

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